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The Codex Sinaiticus bible manuscript has been instrumental in producing almost every modern Bible translation in many languages around the world since 1881.  Modern textual critics and Bible translators accept Codex Sinaiticus as an ancient text - considered the oldest extant complete New Testament Bible manuscript.

The history of Codex Sinaiticus is not without controversy and question however.  Questions like:
  • Why are the CFA pages in Leipzig University Library white, while the remainder of the pages, described in 1845 as "white", are stained and yellowed with age?
  • Why has no chemical analysis or age testing of the inks or the parchment ever been done?
  • Why is the manuscript in such good shape for its claimed age of 1500-1600 years?
The objective of this website is to help find answers to these and many more questions about the true origin and history of Codex Sinaiticus by providing a home for images and other helpful resources and links that can help piece the puzzle together.

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During December 2016 and early January 2017, the website at www.codexsinaiticus.org was not fully functional and had very limited availability of images.  We are glad to see that as of January 5, 2017 the accessibility of images and descriptive data has been restored.
Sinaiticus.net is a collaborative effort of:
Steven Avery, Dutchess County, NY
David W. Daniels, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Mark Michie, Austin, Manitoba
W. R. Meyer, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK - Textual Researcher

We wish to recognize Chris Pinto of Adullam Films for the bold steps taken in production of Tares Among The Wheat, spurring interest in the many questions that surround Codex Sinaiticus.